Lahore, Pakistan – Avanceon has successfully completed a Distributed Control System (DCS) migration project at a Food Grade Ethanol producing plant for the leading manufacturer in Pakistan. For this all-important project, Avanceon was tasked to perform the migration within a planned plant downtime and to ensure zero production time lost upon restoration of the plant production via the migrated system.

Avanceon deployed its migration system based on Rockwell Automation’s field-proven “PlantPAX” technology. Demonstrating a high level of competency and ability, Avanceon team marshaled its resources and completed the project by switching over the operations within a challenging 48 hours.

Exceeding the expectations, the project was completed well within the overall planned timeline & budget with a smooth transition to bringing the plant back to its full potential of its production capacity. As recognition of putting up a great effort, Avanceon’s engineering team was highly commended and customer gave a glowing recommendation on their performance and timely execution of the migration project.

This project is in continuation of the engagement with this country’s leading Ethanol producer in a Service Level Agreement since 2003 when Avanceon was first chartered to maintain the previously installed system. Under this renewed engagement, Avanceon has signed a ten-year Distributed Control System (DCS) contract on Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) basis to replace the aged technology & maintain it. Under the IAAS agreement, Avanceon held the responsibility to conceive, design, develop, deliver & maintain the migrated system, and own end-to-end responsibility for the total cost of ownership of this system for the lifecycle of the IAAS contract.

Avanceon’s IAAS model adapts a strategic approach towards maintenance and performance improvement of assets, enabling our customers to focus on the core business while their systems are managed and maintained by Avanceon’s highly reliable team of trained professionals, holding the right level of competency.

Through its unique value proposition, Avanceon’s IAAS also addresses the very concern of high-value CAPEX spend requirements to improve the decaying performance of the automation equipment, addressing the following critical challenges of the process and manufacturing industry:

Maintainability – Guaranteed Support Guardianship for Emergency support services, Preventive & Predictive Maintenance planning & execution and Plant Startup/Shutdown assistance and support

Reliability & Availability – Upgrades, lifecycle extension & migration solutions with risk identification, mitigation & elimination

Sustainability & Efficiency – Reduce manufacturing downtime risks, increase capacity utilization & process efficiency.

Modernization to Enhance Productivity – Converting plant process/manufacturing related data into information with the help of smart technology to make informed decisions via Information dashboards.

Training & Support – Bridge skill gaps for smooth and efficient operations

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About Avanceon – Avanceon is an industrial automation consultation and system integration entity in Pakistan, Qatar, UAE, KSA and the United States. The company follows an ethical, proactive and sustainable approach to business. As a leading innovator within the automation industry Avanceon provides state of the art automation solutions on three continents.

Established in 1984, Avanceon is committed to providing engineering excellence to its clients and partners. Providing end to end solutions, which include Design, Supply, Engineering, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance, Avanceon’s executive management has extensive experience and insight within the automation and system integration industry.

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