Our Team

When recruiting our key focus is on the learning potential, experience, communication skills and top-notch ethics. We never compromise when it comes to hiring talent and keep positions opened until all criteria are fully met. Even at entry level, senior management is fully committed to the interviewing process.

Board of Directors

The Board comprises 7 [seven] directors. In terms of strict independence 5 [five] out of 7 [seven] directors are fully independent.To ensure that the Board is independent and fully informed about corporate strategy and risks, Avanceon has adopted corporate governance policy in November 2012. The Board of Directors at Avanceon monitors how management serves the interests of the shareholders and other stakeholders.


Senior Executives: Avanceon’s management brings over a century of combined business & technological acumen

Deparment of Human Resources

Your performance as an Avanceoner can only be nurtured in an enabling work environment committed to socially responsible policies and practices.

Department of Finance

The department focuses on financial planning, activities and reporting including annual budgets and quarterly forecasts.

Our Sales Team

Our Engineering Team