Intelligent Building Management

Avanceon partners with Siemens on all its Building Technologies projects

Essential applications of our Building Technologies division include building operation, automation, comfort, fire safety and security. Avanceon’s BT division offers products, solutions and services that optimize energy costs, reliability, comfort and performance of buildings while meeting ecological and sustainability requirements.

With a broad and diverse customer base which includes owners, operators and tenants of public and commercial buildings as well as general contractors, system houses and original equipment manufacturers (OEM), the BT Division at Avanceon offers the following.

A comprehensive portfolio of components, products and systems for demand-based, efficient control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) plants. All components are optimally matched and cover all technical applications within the HVAC sector.

Consulting and services as well as products and technologies aimed at optimizing the performance, comfort and energy efficiency of buildings and infrastructures across their entire lifecycle.

Comprehensive monitoring, maintenance, modernization and efficiency optimization services for buildings and infrastructures.

Comprehensive consulting services for energy management, energy procurement and consumption analysis, and implementation of efficiency measures.

Innovative, high-quality fire safety products, systems and solutions for early and reliable detection, quick and deception-proof alarming and evacuation processes as well as intelligent extinguishing based on current room conditions.

Planning, design, setup, maintenance, monitoring, financing and operation of integrated security solutions, including command and control systems, security management systems, and intelligent video analysis systems.

Integrated systems and solutions for specific markets and industries such as data centers, utility companies, airports, hospitals and hotels.

Consulting, planning, development and financing of turnkey integrated automation, security and fire safety solutions for buildings and infrastructures (Total Building Solutions, TBS).

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Avanceon partners with Siemens on all its Building Technologies projects. Find out more about Building Technologies here