Programmable Logic Controllers

PLCs are robust and can survive harsh conditions including severe heat, cold, dust, and extreme moisture. Their programming language is easily understood, so they can be programmed without much difficulty. Being modular in nature, they can be plugged into various setups. Relays switching under load can cause undesired arcing between contacts. Arcing generates high temperatures that weld contacts shut and cause degradation of the contacts in the relays, resulting in device failure. Replacing relays with PLCs helps prevent overheating of contacts.
Avanceon offers a wide range of state of the art control solutions. By partnering with the leading providers of industrial automation and information products,

Rockwell Produts

Avanceon ensures quality and precision.
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Distributed Control Systems

A traditional distributed control system (DCS) is built for only one purpose, that is process control. In the competitive economy today, you must consider forward-thinking possibilities and use technology and innovation to your advantage. It is time to rethink what to expect from a DCS. To drive productivity, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs, you must integrate all of your automation operations to achieve The Connected Enterprise. You can accomplish this integration with the technology that a modern DCS, the PlantPAx® system offers.


Modern Distributed Control System

Being a modern DCS, The PlantPAx system is a key component of The Connected Enterprise.
This system offers:

  • Plant-wide control and optimization
  • Scalable and modular architectures
  • Open, information-enabled, and secure architectures
  • Flexibility in delivery and support of the system

Avanceon is the only distributor authorized by Rockwell Automation to sell Allen-Bradley and Rockwell software products and services in Pakistan. While you may be able to able to secure Rockwell products elsewhere, access to the latest versions of Allen-Bradley products, is available only through Avanceon.

The problem with ‘Grey Market’ products

  • May not perform as expected
  • May look new but may be out of current series or revision. This is especially true with electronic products having onboard firmware or software that may be subject to change or update
  • May be part of an insurance liquidation
  • May in some case be stolen or counterfeit
  • Have no factory warranty
  • There is no assurance that these products are genuine and were not tampered with or damaged which may void an obligation to repair or replace the products under warranty

Post-sale support is a key benefit provided by Avanceon
This post-sale support includes critical (and sometimes safety related) communications about any product issues or updates.