Modernization to Enhance Productivity

Converting plant process/manufacturing related data into information with the help of smart technology to take informed decisions via Information dashboards

Legacy Systems Migrations at Avanceon goes through the following three phases

System Assessment
This is the first step in modernizing the plant. Avanceon completes a 360 degree audit of the customer’s system and determines which technologies have been discontinued or nearing end of life. Avanceon works closely with the customer’s team to determine what challenges exist within the current control system.

System Selection
Previous assessment will determine what new capabilities are necessary in the new system. Defining goals is essential for any modernization project. To accomplish the best result, Avanceon partners only with the leading OEMs. Avanceon also helps its customers identify the optimum timeline for projects and whether a phased project approach is the best.

System Engineering and Installation
With clear goals and timelines, Avanceon’s project managers and engineering team makes sure the plant modernization goes as planned. All problems are clearly communicated and quickly mitigated. Avanceon thoroughly tests every module to eliminate any downtime from system conversion.

Avanceon’s Legacy Systems Migrations Solutions include

Production Line Upgrades

PLC Migrations

SCADA and Control System Upgrades