HSE at Avanceon

Avanceon is committed to deliver excellence without impacting any employee, community, subcontractor, visitor or the environment. We maintain an agile approach to project management with a clear focus on customer delight, which allows us to provide any EPC or End-User with Tomorrow’s Solutions, Today.


QHSE Policy

Avanceon’s management brings over a century of combined business & technological acumen.

HSE Team

Avanceon is committed to deliver excellence without impacting its stakeholders or the environment.

Our Aim – Zero Incidents

It is our corporate goal to keep (Safety and Environmental) incidents at ZERO by deploying best available safety practices.

Work Force Health & Safety

Safety and Health of our people is our utmost priority and always comes first in all our processes.

Product Safety

Safety of our products and Processes starts during design and planning phase of our product life cycle.

Contractors’ Saftey

Contractors are our important stakeholders. They are shortlisted through intense screening process by HSE and Purchase Team.

Travel Safety

Travel safety is very crucial for our employees due to nature of our business.

Employee Health & Well-Being

Corporate wellness is very important in today’s business dynamics. The benefits of fit employees are various for both the employer and the employee.

Environmental Protection

Avanceon being an ISO 14001-2015 certified company gives due importance to its surrounding in which it operates.

HSE Bulletin

HSE Bulletin offers latest news from HSE Department regarding HSE Initiatives.


Quality Health Safety and Environment Commitment

Avanceon’s unremitting growth and development is reliant on the very highest standards and best practices translated across all of our business. Quality, Health, Safety and Environment have upmost importance in every activity Avanceon performs. This commitment allows us to exceed international and national QHSE standards throughout our daily work.
Avanceon has a comprehensive set of procedures that ensures our solutions observe international standards. Customer delight is tied closely with evaluation of each project execution team through our Client Performance Feedback Form.
Over and above the HQSE framework we have in place, it is our individual employees who deliver the company commitments. At Avanceon, customer satisfaction is an expected norm. Everything we do revolves around customer delight.