The contract valued at more than $10 million will see Avanceon enable real time monitoring and control of assets at various locations

Doha, Qatar – Avanceon has been awarded a multimillion-dollar contract from a major municipality in the middle east region. The objective is to improve the Drainage Network Operation System by enabling real time monitoring and control of assets at various locations. The operation system improvement will be achieved by sensing early warning of flood risk, blockages, infiltration, surcharging etc. from master SCADA station. Avanceon will be installing permanent monitoring and control equipment with RTUs and will extract power from the nearest local permanent or solar power source.

Flooding is a growing concern in the middle east region. Due to rapid urbanization, flash floods have become more common in this part of the world. Municipalities all over the middle east region are taking proactive measures to protect population and infrastructure.

As part of the project, Avanceon Limited’s subsidiary Octopus Digital will be providing state-of-the-art digitalization services and solutions to the customer to improve monitoring, efficiency, and optimization of assets.  Mentioned below are details of the project.

The project is in its initial stages. Avanceon expects to complete it within the agreed timeline.

  1. Supply, Design, Configuration, Installation, and Commissioning RTU Panel at Pump Stations and Chambers
  2. Supply, Installation Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Feeder Panels and Associated Work 
  3. Supply, Installation Testing and Commissioning of Generators, and Solar System and Associated Works
  4. Online Monitoring and Control of Pumps
  5. Site Survey, Detailed Engineering, and Procurement of Materials
  6. Performance Testing (SAT & FAT) and Commissioning

Avanceon will provide all services in accordance with the local regulatory and QHSE authorities’ requirements. For the execution of this project, Avanceon will be partnering with World Class OEMs. All necessary studies will be carried out before the start of the project with failsafe plans to address any safety, quality, and environmental issues.

Avanceon’s long-term service history, strong project references and a world class solution played a major role in acquiring this project.

Avanceon launched its corporate objective ‘Road to 100’ to achieve $100 million in revenue by FY 2025. Avanceon sails high with its Annual PO Generation target on track for the year 2023. This order contributes 15% to the final count for 2023. Avanceon remains committed to continuous improvement and delivering value to its stakeholders. The team is focused on building on this success and leverage achievements to further enhance market position and meet the evolving needs of its customers. 

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