The High Value Project will see Avanceon Provide a State-of-the-Art Solution to Expand and Restore Masjid Al-Haram’s Central Position in the City

Riyadh, KSA – Avanceon Saudi Energy Co. WLL, a subsidiary of Avanceon FZE, has been selected to execute an innovative and state of the art SCADA solution for the Masjid Al-Haram Expansion Project in Makkah.  The Haram Expansion Project aims to restore Masjid Al-Haram’s central position in the city and give the mosque an architectural and engineering aspect to welcome growing number of pilgrims. Avanceon will be responsible for the PLC based SCADA systems, Instrumentation, Real Time Data Acquisition, Performance Monitoring Systems and Turnkey Automation to ensure new praying areas and essential services to millions of pilgrims who visit Makkah for Hajj and Umrah. 

With the Al-Ka’bah as its focal point, the Haram Expansion project will extend radially outwards across a 684 m distance. It will include the construction of a new Haram building, courtyards around the mosque, a new services building, a Central Utility Complex (CUC), a hospital, civil defence, and security facilities, as well as bridges and pedestrian walkways. A utility tunnel serves as the main artery, harbouring utilities from the CUC to the Haram, including chilled water, water supply, firefighting, wastewater, refuse collection, and electric cables. With water as the lifeblood of a pilgrims’ journey, water proofing and other measures will be employed to ensure that the spring water, Zamzam, remains contaminant-free.

The details of the project and Avanceon’s scope is mentioned below,

The project is in its initial stages. Avanceon expects to complete it within the agreed time frame. The project duration is 26 months and Avanceon will complete the project by Dec 2023.

  1. Engineering, Material Survey, Supply, Testing, and Handing over of SCADA System
  2. Automation, Communication, Power & Energy, and Security Solutions
  3. DCS/PLC based Systems, Instrumentation Package, Real Time Data Acquisition, Performance Monitoring Systems and Turnkey Automation  
  4. System monitoring and/or controlled by SCADA will include the following,
    • Chilled water, Condensed water, Make-up water Systems and Grey Water treatment plant
    • Chemical feed, Generator Plant, Central Waste Handling and Compressed Air Systems.
    • Distribution pumps in the chiller plant and Tanks & Pumps Station.
  5. Start Up and Performance Testing services  

Avanceon’s extensive experience in execution and commissioning of transportation and infrastructure projects shows commitment to creating value for our customers. Riyadh Metro and other landmark tunnel projects in KSA are examples of our execution footprint in the region. The Avanceon team is fully committed to delivering another flagship project with global engineering and execution standards and open doors for upcoming large-scale projects

Sheharyar Abdullah (Country Head Sales KSA)

Tunnel project in Masjid Al Haram designed by us will help protect millions of pilgrims lives during their visit for Holy Land Haram Makkah. It is a prestigious project and a sacred place for two billion Muslims. To win and execute this project for SCADA is a source for pride and honour for us for the rest of our lives

Muhammad Anwar ul Haq Bajwa (Regional Manager RA – OEM)

Avanceon will provide all services in accordance with the local regulatory and QHSE authorities’ requirements. For the execution of this project, Avanceon will be partnering with World Class OEMs. All necessary studies will be carried out before the start of the project with failsafe plans to address any safety, quality, and environmental issues.

Avanceon’s long term service history, strong project references and a world class solution played a major role in acquiring this project. To know more about this project, contact and

—End of Press Release—

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