The Importance of Inviting Customer

Here at Avanceon we are proud of our excellent record in customer satisfaction. This is critical in any business but where some companies rely on excellent products to win new business, we rely on our most important resource: our people. From Day One, our training is geared towards customer excellence and throughout the entire project cycle we believe in the importance of two-way communication and relish feedback from our client as the very best way to improve an already excellent experience.

In 2016 so far we have already received glowing commendations of over 80% from key clients at Packages Lahore and Pakistan Tobacco. We are hoping for many more in Q1 alone.Baked into our ongoing business practice is a mandatory service level agreement feedback form where we receive a rating out of 10 across our work in problem-solving, response time and overall attentiveness. By asking our customers to consider our work immediately after completion, we hope it also instigates an open culture where we can address any issues in the first instance. From that point the customer appreciates being listened to and receives the very best level of service we can offer.

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