Empower Awards Avanceon

Dubai, UAE – Avanceon Ltd [KSE: AVN] is pleased to announce the beginning of yet another breakthrough partnership towards building one of the world’s largest SCADA systems in the District Cooling Sphere. At the origin of this pioneering initiative, Empower Emirates Central Cooling System Cooperation awarded the contract to one of the leading system integration engineering firms. Awarded on July 7 2014, the project is scheduled to be deployed within the next 5 months.

As part of their commitment towards the community, the forward-thinking market leaders are teaming up to implement world-class Process control and optimization solutions based on Rockwell Automation’s best-in-class OSISoft PI solution.

Empower promotes energy-efficient practices that are key to the fundamental growth and future of Dubai. The company was created with the objective of providing world class District Cooling Services to Dubai in general and Dubai Holding entities in particular.

“We are proud to undertake projects with such human magnitude and to be contribute in enhancing the lives of each every Dubaian. Avanceon’s sincere approach to our surrounding community is one of our enduring values. We look forward to this exciting new project together and putting our seamless solutions into practice,”

Bakhtiar Wain, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Avanceon, commented.

Their brief was to satisfy the critical needs of stakeholders and future-proof the networked system to minimize disruption and maintenance costs. Avanceon, in close partnership with Rockwell, proposed to construct a command & control center at Empower to connect the entire district cooling network spread through nine sites including Dubai Marina.

The creation of the largest FactoryTalk SCADA system to date with 600k Historian tags will enable numerous devices across 9 various network protocols to communicate effectively. This seamless solution will streamline district cooling in the emirate for years to come.


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