Benchmarking Success

Released at the end of 2015, CFE Media’s annual System Integrator Giants ( table has one or two surprises for the global industry movers and shakers. Not only does it include companies regardless of annual income (the range is between $1 million and $160 million) but also the teams involved in key projects go from a handful of experts right up to full deployment of thousands of system integrators and engineers. It is a league table the Avanceon team keep a close eye on as it benchmarks the company against other global corporations.

Avanceon currently lies at 14th, and although the top spot overall revenue from may be a few years away for Avanceon, a small uplift in income should propel the company into the Top Ten where it belongs. With a long heritage, global footprint and greater financial strength since IPO in 2013, there is a bright and successful future ahead. Keep your eyes on Avanceon, Control Engineering Magazine (, 2016 is our year.

The company already has many large projects in the pipeline for 2016, across the Middle East and South Asia markets in particular, so expect to see a spike in activity and revenue come next year’s chart. In the meantime, follow all the latest updates from the company here (


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