Avanceon Join Rockwell Automation

The industrial automation partners discuss the advancement of IoT with global technology leaders in an executive forum held as part of Cisco’s Internet of Things World Forum 2015

Dubai, December 19, 2015: Rockwell Automation invited Avanceon [KSE: AVN] to join a selected group of technological leaders from around the Middle East in an innovative discussion on the virtues and real-world industrial applications of the Internet of Things during the Internet of Things World Forum 2015, hosted by Cisco, in Dubai (Dec 6-8). Avanceon and Rockwell Automation continuously push boundaries through their partnership together, establishing milestones for smart cities. The two companies completed one of the world’s largest and most innovative virtualization projects in the Middle East district cooling industry.

The forum fuels a keen interest across the region in unlocking the power of Big Data, Convergence and Connectivity across multiple sources in order to streamline business processes. Avanceon was represented by CEO and Founder, Bakhtiar H Wain, who shared the following thoughts ahead of the session:

“We proudly raise standards and set milestones through industrial automation and sound engineering in great public works, helping to evolve and breathe life into smart city projects. In this vein we played a major part in delivering the world’s largest SCADA project, demonstrating our impressive pedigree in the IoT space. In an ever-changing marketplace, it is our duty to master and lead our customers through the complex technological path in order to deliver the very best solutions.”

The roundtable was led by Joe Kann, VP Global Business Development, Rockwell Automation, and John Nesi, VP Market Development, Rockwell Automation, both experts in this field and perfectly positioned to enhance the conversation around the impact of IoT on manufacturing and production operations. In a market that has seen a decline in traditional Middle Eastern industries such as oil and gas, the opportunities to optimize existing processes through cutting-edge technologies appeals to all stakeholders.

“Our customers are faced with the challenging prospect of driving increased value with less resources, as well as meeting stringent sustainably goals. Harnessing technologies such as the Internet of Things is a catalyst to justify investments in the journey to build a Connected Enterprise. This roundtable is our opportunity to engage with key Middle East customers around concerns they face and highlight areas where we can work together to drive business value.” added Joe Kann.

¨At Avanceon we believe that the Internet of Things is a deep enabling tool to better leverage and engage with the world around us, optimising all manner of business processes for the best result. Everything is measurable and this fantastic data convergence allows any company to take advantage through analysis and then respond to save money and reduce risk,” added Bakhtiar H. Wain.

Key drivers of the burgeoning growth in this technological capability across the manufacturing sectors are:

  • Complex, dynamic value chains
  • Emerging market growth
  • Traceability, transparency, brand, and reputation
  • Converging technologies for manufacturing
  • Ubiquitous connectivity
  • Truth in data

These topics help build the foundations of an actionable business strategy for companies in the region.

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