SERCO Extends The Journey

Dubai, UAE – Avanceon Ltd [KSE: AVN] is pleased to announce they have been granted an extended contract to continue their high quality zero-downtime maintenance of the Dubai Metro control systems. Having ensured that the passenger transit system remained free of glitches over the last three years has seen the leading system integration company Avanceon given another 5 years with an option to extend a further 2 years if both parties agree. The new contract runs from 1st August 2014.

Installing and maintaining Rockwell Automation’s cutting-edge SIL-3 PLC based TVS system across both the Red and Green lines has kept the trains running smoothly and on time, in line with Avanceon’s professional and on-schedule project management team. Awarding a further 5 years of the same service is expected to ensure commuters continue an uninterrupted service in the build-up to Expo2020.
Public transit is undergoing constant upgrades around the region to cater for an increasingly mobile workforce who choose not to own an automobile, either because of environmental awareness or cost efficiencies. A well-connected and reliable network of trains and buses, and soon-to-open trams, are growing in reach and capacity across Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates, to attract and absorb the growing numbers of regular users. Avanceon and Rockwell are key partners who lead the industrial system engineers bringing these options to life in a safe and viable manner.

“We have an impeccable zero-downtime record whilst the Dubai Metro has been in operation and long may this continue. When the existing contract was about to expire we of course had to consider other partners, but Avanceon and Rockwell presented another compelling proposal to extend. We signed them up again in order to ensure our stakeholders, the commuter, had the best deal.”
Mr. Sayed Awwad, SERCO spokesperson.

“Our core strengths at Avanceon lie in our relationships across key industries. Like the very best transport systems, we deliver the goods in perfect condition and on time. This is why I am glad my team have been rewarded with a fantastic contract extension, which will only benefit the end user.” Bakhtiar Wain, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Avanceon.

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