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Along with the prestigious collection of companies who work with SABIC or in the Jubail Industrial City compound in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Avanceon’s industrial technology experts will be soaking up the best practice insights and be prepared to share their own. The four-day showcase event, kicked off already this week and officially referred to as STC12, amasses engineers, scientists and technologists from across the industrial spectrum. The program theme for 2016 is “Asset Integrity Excellence”, demonstrating a clear opportunity for companies looking to optimise existing processes to a higher level of efficiency in a difficult economic climate across the Middle East. The simplest way to achieve this is to deploy solid IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions across the entire process.

As one of the most important markets in the Middle East region, especially in terms of petrochemical production and manufacturing, Saudi Arabia is something of a barometer for innovation and SABIC’s STC12 the catalyst for collaboration. Therefore whatever is on display and contracts signed during this event will set the tone for the years ahead.

Here at Avanceon we are always looking to optimise our customer’s processes through automation. It is one of the many areas of optimisation we specialise in. We are entirely at the service of our customer base and therefore it is not always in our interest, especially in the current economic climate, to suggest expensive overhauls when incremental improvements can be enough to provide solid evidence of reducing costs. In this sense, by giving us more data we can make informed opinions, which is where sensors come in. Gathering the information that a human cannot or would not want to without sleeping or taking an hour for lunch, the sensors we use make it possible to track many of the vitals needed to recommend optimisations. What we have done for several clients in the past is set up such a dashboard as one person can get the whole picture of how the entire plant or series of plants is performing, reducing overall man hours and labour costs and eliminating data collection errors.

Sensors are the “eyes, ears and fingers of any system”, with Bill Lydon talking about pushing data intelligence right to the edge in his 2014 article, illustrating his point with an infographic of the IoT Reference Model, as defined by the IoTWF Steering Committee.


IoT World Forum IoT Reference Model, as used by Bill Lydon in

We agree with our key technology partners, including Rockwell Automation and Schneider Electric, who sit on the IoTWF Steering Committee, on the importance of sensors. They are baked into our modus operandi, as the very foundation of IoT. We are fortunate to be working with innovative clients here in the GCC, both in the public and private sector: educating on the avoidance of sensory deprivation is becoming less frequent with every project, across all our industry portfolio. This means we can devote more of our time to delivering winning solutions that keep our clients’ productivity ahead of the curve.

Come and find our experts today at SABIC’s STC12 to discuss our credentials in petrochemicals and our wider expertise in IoT and IIoT, or contact us directly through the website.

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