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At Avanceon, we like to finish the year on a positive note and 2015 is certainly no different. We received an invitation from our friends at the National Forum for Environment and Health to attend their prestigious CSR Awards. Proposed in 2014 but brought to life in 2015, “Tomorrow’s Empowerment Today” is Avanceon’s solution to help underprivileged members of the company through education, specifically by taking care of all aspects of the schooling of their children. The initiative got the attention of the NFEH and we are extremely proud and humble to have been selected to attend.

Initiated by our CEO, Bakhtiar H. Wain, who was moved by the story of an Avanceoner who managed, through his own drive and support from the company, to rise from his humble background to become a key member of the engineering team. This incredible journey was made possible through the power of education. If money was the only thing holding people back from education and ultimately a better life, Bakhtiar believed that Avanceon was ethically obliged to help its employees to succeed.

Today we are looking back at the first year of, literally, a life changing initiative. Driven by a core team of Avanceoners, supported by various faculties of the company, funded from company profits, we are especially blessed with individuals who, as equally moved as Bakhtiar, have invested their time and energy to become sponsors and benefactors of the underprivileged.

After nearly six months spent researching the best academic partners, convincing the children of the benefits of education, preparing them to sit admission tests and getting the test dates, we were thrilled to see the first draft of 38 children getting enrolled in standard classes. Avanceon has pledged to fund these children throughout their entire education, right through to university, with everything they need to succeed.

We would like to thank the National Forum for Environment and Health for providing us the platform to tell the story of our unsung heroes and look forward to the award ceremony on 14th January 2016. Here’s to a great 2016, from all of us at Avanceon!


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