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Professional Project Management Services

Avanceon’s Project Management  offers a full suite of  engineering services to initiate, plan, implement, and close projects of all sizes throughout their entire lifecycle. So that you focus on core business operations while we ensure that the work delivered will meet your business requirements and enhance your productivity and OEE.

As the complexity, size, and mission-criticality of manufacturing technology systems increase, professional project management offers companies tremendous value in managing change involving multiple technologies, vendors, and locations. In fact, without project management, more than haft of the projects will fail. Avanceon’s project management provides the centralized and comprehensive coordination required to ensure that the projects are implemented to specifications, on time, and within budget.


V-lifecycle and TraceabilityV life cycle

Avanceon has mastered the complex project management process to such a level that it has become part of our value proposition to our customers. Traceability and Seamlessness are at the very core of our success

  • Programming practices and standards
  • Proprietary Auto-Gen tool
  • Proprietary project execution model ABACUS
  • Technical execution model V-Life Cycle
  • Support service program
  • Project monitoring standards [WBS, Project Server and Sharepoint portals]
  • Cloud computing

Project Standards


Avanceon employs an advanced project management methodology designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of your operations:  ABACAS. The methodology is based on the world wide project management standards of the Project Management Institute [PMI], and has been enhanced to increase focus on managing the human element of every project. ABACUS is about managing the people involved in a project and assuring that they have what they need to complete their tasks.

Our highly structured project engagement methodology guides each phase of an engagement to help ensure optimal results with minimal business disruption. Our Business Value Justification methodology helps effectively measure business value in terms of cost savings, revenue generation, or process re-engineering.

Customer Focused Management

We provide a single project management point-of-contact for all project design and implementation activities, as well as a closed-loop quality assurance program, to help ensure we deliver on our promise of service excellence and customer satisfaction. We provide complete documentation and knowledge transfer to help ensure continued successful, scalable operations support by your staff.

Our project managers are trained in change management to assist you with managing the human element of every project. Whether the project entails new technology, new services, or process redesign, a simple upgrade, managing the human element through proper communications, training, and documentation is key to the success of every project.

Avanceon’s Project Management supports your needs by directly managing projects or by providing a variety of project management services to support more specialized needs.


While Avanceon project managers will manage your project, we believe keeping you apprised of the ongoing status is critical. We follow a philosophy of open project management that exposes our clients to the complete project detail through a web based portal system named TotalVUE, which is a collaboration environment designed to keep all project stake holders up to date and all executive sponsors informed assuring project success.

Validated System Design

Validation requirements were developed to protect consumers from faulty products. Regulatory validation was designed to ensure repeatability and consistency. This will requires your system to validate all BMS, PLCs, HMIs, LIMS, DCS, MES, ERP, and Network systems as they affect the manufacturing of your products.

At Avanceon, we understand the criticality in the compliance of your systems, and we are committed to enhance your systems, plant, and equipment to meet regulatory expectations. Whether a project involves consulting or validation services for a single piece of equipment, a process solution, or an entire facility, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the required assistance.

This is our way to implement quality assurance management at every level, whereby continuous improvement is part of our considerations when designing your solution.

 Design Build Engineering

When designing or building a new facility, it is crucial to examine your automation needs at the outset of the project. Automation needs can greatly impact the architectural needs of the new plant. While architectural and engineering firms are experts at designing the high level plan, the complexities of automation technology often change too quickly for most architectural firms to remain expert in those areas. By bringing Avanceon into the design/build development phase of your new facility, we can help you leverage the latest technologies, optimize your ultimate production capabilities and minimize your overall cost.


Customer Project Bill of Rights & Satisfaction Survey 2014

  • To set specific objectives for the project and have them follower
  • To know how long the project will take and how much it will cost
  • To decide which features are in and which are out
  • To make reasonable changes to the requirements
  • To know up-front the cost of making technological changes
  • To be appraised regularly of risk affecting cost, time and quality
  • To be provided with options for addressing potential risks
  • To have access to project deliverables throughout the project
  • To address system acceptance and the human side of change
  • To have a plan and option for post project support

Superior Solutions 94%
Effective Collaborations 97%
Innovative Guidance 92%

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