Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant


End User: NPP Authority, State of Qatar
Location: Hyderabad District, Sindh, Pakistan
Start Date: December 2015
End Date: February 2017


OGDCL is one of Pakistan leading Oil & Gas companies, in which production and exploration is fully integrated. The E&P market leader is also the largest business in Pakistan in terms of market capitalization. OGDCLproduces 39,659 barrels of oil daily, 26 million m3 of gas, 358 t3 LPG; it currently holds 56 exploration lincenses covering an area over 100 thousands km2. The Kunnar Pasakhi Deep [KPD] gas/condensate field is located in the Hyderabad district is one of the numerous fields, which plant was completed back in December, 2016. The KPD plant produces 4,000 bpd, 400 t of LPG and 1,124 mmcfd gas.

Project Scope

Avanceon was mandated with the procurement, supply, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of the entire PES [DCS] SCADA project for the Ajman Sewage treatement plant including: Supply & installation of all instrumentation, cabling as well as telemetry in addition to local control boxes, isolators and junction boxes. 9 months from project start date to factory acceptance test


The main challenge of the project was to design a solution whereby compliance with the strict technical and requirements of Ajman water authority as well as fulfiling all the project-specific requirements of the consultant – CH2M by getting all the documents and material approved.


This project was Schneider’s first ever PES (PlantStructure DCS) sale in the region and also Avanceon’s first Hot Standby Quantum platform based project on PES – the top of the line PLC system of Schneider Electric. The technology was selected because of its relevant flexibility. One of the most relevant feature was the built-in Modbus protocol, which makes the integration with the other devices more efficient.

Avanceon  had to develop an automatic control system of sewage treatement plant to improve the performance and efficiency of sewage treatment operations and make SCADA operators vigilant of many important parameters with ease.

    • Schneider Quantum PLCs with remote drop IO are offered at each of the following units
    • MCC-PLC1 Redundant Quantum PLC [Total 274 IO: 164 DI, 64 DO, 40 AI and 5 AO]
    • MCC-PLC2 Redundant Quantum PLC [Total 224 IO: 106 DI, 50 DO, 52 AI and 17 AO]
    • MCC-PLC3 Redundant Qantum PLC [Total 248 IO48 53 DO,]and 10 AO: 138 DI, AI



Inlet Works Diagram


Secondary Settling Tank


DISC Filter Chlorine Diagram

Typical Control Signals


The PLC & SCADA for the Ajman Sewage Treatment was successfully delivered and commissioned as per applicable standards. Each PLC unit offered was based on redundant controllers


“Besix SANOTEC needed an agile yet experimented team to work on the Ajman Sewage Treatment plant, this is not our first time working with Avanceon but our first time working on an STP. As always, the team has been responsive, as a result of this project we have also decided to work on another important water & wastewater project with this Dubai-based company”

Jeffrey Manio
Project Director at Six Construct

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