Junaid Mushtaq Paracha

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Junaid Mushtaq Paracha | General Manager SEA

Junaid has been leading the South Asia Region since July 2009 when he became Country Sales Manager for Avanceon, responsible for achieving targets of over PKR1 billion. Avanceon is part of Junaid’s DNA and vice versa as he has been part of the world’s leading automation and process control company almost since day one, joining then-named Innovative PvT Ltd in 1995. In this role he expanded sales by 400% and continued to excel as Sales Engineer then Sales Manager.

In 2002 Junaid’s career advanced and saw him joining IAEL, a subsidiary of Engro Chemicals, as Business Manager, handling two departments and doubling sales per representative under his supervision. After successive promotions, Junaid was brought into Avanceon as Regional Manager of South Asia Operations from July 2006. This was the beginning of a ten year period of exceptional success for Avanceon with his distinct hands-on leadership delivering stellar financial rewards for his team. Junaid holds a BE Electrical Engineering from UET Lahore and an MBA Marketing from Punjab University.


General Manager SEA


20+ years of solid experience in industrial automation & Process control SEA markets