Avanceon and Rockwell Automation Sweeten the Automation & Control Process for the Sugar & Ethanol Industry

Avanceon and Rockwell Automation Sweeten the Automation & Control Process for the Sugar & Ethanol Industry

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“The Digital Sugar Mill” showcases today’s clear business imperative for the industry”

Rahim Yar Khan, August 3rd 2016 – Avanceon [PSX: AVN]  in partnership with Rockwell Automation [NYSE: ROK] invites Pakistan’s leading businesses to join the seminar on sugar and distillery automation, today. Held at the Desert Palm Hotel in Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan, ‘The Digital Sugar Mill’ event focuses on a key region in South Asia for sugar refineries and related industrial processes.  A key date in the B2B calendar, attendees will take away expert knowledge of on how to provide continuous and precise handling to ensure constant monitoring throughout the manufacturing process, from raw material to finished products.

Delegates will be shown how automation can ensure quality and efficiency in a sustainable manner. For the first time, top professionals from the industry will speak of successful automation projects in their organizations with specific emphasis on the economic and business benefits achieved. The impressive line of Guest speakers include:

  • Khalid Hayat Khan, COO, Faran Sugar Mills, presenting on auto cane feeding and millhouse automation
  • Mr Rafiq Ahmed Mangi, Director of Operations, Habib Sugar Mills, presenting on automating a complete distillery plant
  • Mr Israr Jaffrey, General Manager of Production, Habib Sugar Mills, presenting critical applications in process house automation
  • Mr Zia Baloch, Head of Instrument and Control, Al Moiz Industries, presenting how his company have taken advantage of automation and process control technologies

The day will end with a full demonstration session.

“As an important driver of the economy in Pakistan, we are pleased to be standing alongside such luminaries of the sugar industry. It is essential we work together to enhance business processes, delivering the same quality product at much lower overall costs. Digitising workflows is well within the reach of this industry, let’s do it together!” added Chris Marshall, Market Access Director, Rockwell Automation Southeast Asia.

“Avanceon is extremely pleased to be pioneering with such an industry event– we see it as our duty to keep leaders of industry informed of the latest technological developments that can help organizations achieve their business goals. A learning seminar is the ideal event to achieve this objective; and what better way than to enable mindshare with the top professionals of the industry,” commented Bakhtiar H. Wain, Founder and CEO at Avanceon.

Attendees will leave the day with a number of real business case studies and highlighting financial benefits of installing technology.

Media coverage of Seminar Seminar 2016:

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  • Engr.Umair Qaim khani says:

    Congratulations to Khalid hayat chief operating officer Faran Sugar Mill and israr jaferi GERNAL Manager habib sugar mill.and zia bloch sb
    This is awsom from you for sugar industry promotes.

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